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PHONE: (714) 641-5480 | FAX: (714) 641-5499
3111 West Central Avenue | Santa Ana, CA 92704
California Contractors State License #: 825163
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Sterling Plumbing, Inc. provides quality plumbing installations for all types of new construction. We specialize in providing problem-free products and installations, and have expended a great deal of effort into developing a system and gathering a capable body of personnel that provides these products and services as quickly as possible.

Our Customer Service Department serves not only the builder, but the general public as well. Even if we did not install the plumbing in your home, we are always ready to serve you! We stock a great variety of parts and products to help you with maintenance, replacement and upgrade. Our service technicians are plumbers, not salespeople, and do not work on commission, so our customers need not worry about becoming a victim to over-selling or scare tactics.

At Sterling Plumbing, Inc. we pay close attention to training and qualifying our employees, so we will be ready for whatever direction this industry takes in the future. Our goal is simple: to consistently provide the absolute best in quality, production, and customer service. To achieve this, Sterling Plumbing, Inc. continues to work closely with our builders and developers to anticipate trends.

The mission of this company is to maximize its earnings, while being a responsible contractor, and providing high-quality, timely plumbing construction at a fair competitive price. Our employees will always be treated with respect; paid a fair and competitive wage with excellent health and retirement benefits; and provided with the tools, training and support necessary to do their job properly and to enjoy a long and satisfying career with Sterling Plumbing, Inc. Professionalism and excellent customer service will be our goal. We will constantly strive to meet our customers' expectations and conduct our business in a manner that will result in a reputation of financial strength, quality work, safety, honesty, integrity and fairness.

Because we are committed to outstanding quality, Sterling Plumbing, Inc. strives daily to improve and refine our operations and installation standards so that every project we work on will be delivered on-time and with the highest quality possible. We never forget that the solid reputation of our company depends on our ability to provide exceptional products and services. Improving the efficiency and integrity of our work force will always be an important aspect of this work. For this reason, we constantly strive to develop and implement greater standards.

To accomplish this goal, Sterling Plumbing, Inc. has established the Internal Quality Assurance Program. Our Quality Assurance Managers are solely dedicated to conducting systematic and thorough reviews of our plumbing installations. They are also responsible for auditing all of our field personnel to insure strict adherence to Sterling's standards of excellence. This self-evaluation procedure maximizes our efficiency, effectiveness, and overall integrity.

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